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me, cas, or any of the other members of the six-pack, check out our website for more on the fit nation challenge. thanks for being with us, everybody. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. good saturday morning to you. i'm susan hendricks in today for t.j. holmes. betty ford has died. she's being remembered today for speaking out about her own problems and for changing the role of first lady. britain's newest royal couple, william and catherine are in california today, from ponies to celebrities, it promises to be a very busy day. and the final shuttle has been launched into space. we will look ahead to what's next for nasa. we begin this morning with the death of former first lady betty ford. she was 93 years old. ford was surrounded by family when she passed away last night. she became first lady back in 1974 when her husband gerald ford took over following the
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resignation of richard nixon. her greatest legacy may be the contribution she made against the battle against addiction. here what is president obama had to say about her passing. he says today we take comfort in the knowledge that betty and her husband former president gerald ford are together once more. michele and i send our thoughts and prayers to their children, michael, john, steven and susan. and this from flansy reagan. i was deeply saddened this afternoon when i heard of betty ford's death. she has been an inspiration to so many through her efforts to educate women about breast cancer and her wonderful work at the betty ford center. me was jerry ford's strength through difficult days in our country's history and i admire her courage and facing her personal struggles with all of us. >> she wasn't afraid to speak out. it is something that set her apart from other first ladies. cnn's special correspondent soledad o'brien has more on her life and legacy.
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>> reporter: rarely was there a first lady whose human qualities stood out more than betty ford. by her husband at all times, here for a visit by president obama, she was strong, active, and most of all, candid. >> it has been the outgrowth of my own health that has made it possible for me to go ahead and in my way share what i learned with others. >> reporter: before 1974, it was almost unheard of for a first lady to publicly mention personal problems. in the first year of her husband's presidency, she announced she had breast cancer. and would undergo a mastectomy. it is this that will surely be her greatest legacy, the betty ford center for substance abuse. >> i think she educated a generation that needed education, that needed support in how to deal with these problems. >> reporter: mrs. ford disclosed
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publically that she had for years abused alcohol and had become dependent on prescription drugs. the first major political figure to openly address a problem that plagued millions. >> it is from the very first day a place for any man or woman who wanted help. >> it made it unnecessary to hide the reality of substance abuse. and i think that was a contribution that betty ford made. >> reporter: she wrote in considerable detail about her battles. she authorized a made for tv movie "the betty ford story". >> she felt and i felt and the children felt if the story was told well and we had faith in david, that it could be immeasurably beneficial. >> reporter: she married gerald ford after world war ii and before he ran for congress for the first time and she was by his side from then on. she was her own woman speaking
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out for abortion rights and women in the work place. mrs. ford kept largely out of the public eye in her latter years. most americans saw her for the first time in more than a decade when she was given the place of honor at both the funeral and burial of her husband. it was a four-day period of national mourning and although she looked fragile, she never wavered. and the treatment center that she helped create will be a memorial for generations to come. >> she has certainly helped millions and millions of people. she will be missed. out of texas now, a moment of silence in arlington for a baseball fan who suffered fatal injuries after falling from the stands. >> we ask that each of you join the athletics, the texas rangers and all of major league baseball, as we observe a silent moment of reflection and respect for brownwood, texas, firefighter shannon stone. >> such a devastating story. shannon stone died when he was trying to catch a ball for his 6-year-old son that was thrown
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into the stands by one of the texas rangers players. he died right in front of his son. the rangers have set up a memorial fund for his family. in orlando, it appears the family feud between casey anthony and her mother cindy is still going. a spokesman for the orange county jail says casey denied her mother's request to visit last night. tuesday, the 25-year-old was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. casey anthony is due to be released from jail a week from tomorrow. the world's newest country is raising the flag for the first time. it happened thismorning. it is independence day there for south sudan. people voted overwhelmingly in january to form their own country. after so much struggle by the people of south sudan the united states of america welcomes the birth of a new nation.
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in syria, more protests in those anti-government dem traces are becoming a greater diplomatic issue between the u.s. and damascus. the siren government is accusing robert ford of inciting protests. the u.s. state department calls that, quote, absolute rubbish. more arrests in the "news of the world" scandal in britain. british prime minister david cameron's former press secretary turned himself in. he was released, though. he was editor of the paper at the time of the scandal, before being hired by cameron. he quit his government job earlier this year. employees of the tabloid newspaper hacked into the voicemail of a murdered girl and erased messages. this week, owner rupert murdoch shut down the paper. the paper's former royal correspondent was arrested yesterday. britain's newest royal couple will spend their first full day in california. prince william and his new wife kate arrived yesterday. they will attend a star-studded event in l.a. tonight. there's the famous soccer star,
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right? david beckham. the british academy of film and arts dinner, prince william is the president of bafta, nicole kidman, jennifer lopez and tom hanks are expected to be there. a day for the royal couple even before the black tie event. part will be spent fueling the prince's passion playing polo. cnn's max foster has more. >> reporter: during the tour of can dashgs the royal couple showed their competitive sides. in dragon boats and in street hockey shoot-outs. william may need some more practice with that hockey stick, but in california, he'll be in more familiar territory with a sport he knows and loves. polo. william grew up playing polo. he's been around it. he was watching it from before he could ride and as soon as he was on a horse he would have started playing. he's played with the best players in the world. he would have been able to learn from them and haze father coaching him. >> reporter: william and his
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brother harry grew up watching their father play in fund-raising matches. the sport is in the family blood. so there's a reason why they call its sport of kings. >> the princes and their schedules, which involve pretty much doing every single activity on the planet as well as trying to play polo which is an incredible feat if you think about it. >> reporter: as gentlemanly as it seems, polo is tough and it's not without its risks. >> it's a high contact sport and yeah, prince charles sustained a lot of injuries. i think he had broken every bone in his body at one point. >> reporter: in today's charity match in santa barbara, you'll see polo at its very best. top players from the u.s. team including captain nick roland, who expects to see william's competitive side coming out. >> there's always a competitive side to us. you know, william is very competitive and so is harry and i think when they're both on the field it becomes more, you can tell. >> reporter: the duchess doesn't play but will present the trophy to the winner, slightly awkward
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if that's not her husband but all in a good cause. max foster, cnn, los angeles. the royal couple spending their first full day in california today. shuttle "atlantis" blasts into space this mission marking the end of one era in space. just ahead, we'll take a look at nasa's next giant leap. here's a question for you, how many shuttle missions have taken place over the last 30 years? i'll have the answer right after this. male announcer: be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light
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so you see a whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. female announcer: thanks to the eyeglass guide, it's never been easier to find the right pair of eyeglasses. check out today, brought to you by transitions. here's the truth: allstate can also protect your home or apartment. as well as your boat, motorcycle, rv, and snowmobile. and even your retirement and your life. not many insurance companies can say that. but allstate can. now that you know the truth, know this: the more of your world you put in good hands, the more you can save. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. before the break i asked you
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how many shuttle missions have taken place over the last 30 years. here's the answer. 134 missions covering a half billion miles of flights. the current and last mission, is the 135th. historical day, certainly. it is the first full day in space for the last mission. it started with the perfect launch yesterday. the final four shuttle astronauts are now headed for the international says station. this last mission may mark the end of the shuttle program, but it is not the end of nasa. our josh levs is here again. josh, nasa has something within reach. when you think about the final mission, you think wait a minute, maybe it's the end of nasa. that's what a lot of people were thinking. >> they try to project this message it's not. by the way, wasn't that launch beautiful? >> it brought tears to people's eyes. >> in two minutes they're up in space. but you're right, nasa is trying to make sure everyone understands that there's a lot more plans. nasa is insisting the u.s. will stay at the forefront of space
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exploration. the other day when the head of nasa was talking about this, this is the first thing he pointed to. take a look here. this is actual video, not an animation. this is an asteroid called ves ta and in a matter of days, on july 16th, a u.s. spacecraft is expected to arrive at its orbit around this asteroid. what's cool about this, why i'm showing it to you, you can see this thing in the night sky. it's the only asteroid that is visible to the naked eye and it's only this month and next. it's reflecting a lot of light, so you can actually at night go out and look at that asteroid and know that usa spacecraft is about to get there. "the dawn". >> you can show off, go outside and say you know what that is. for two months? >> it's going to be even brighter in august than it is right now. nasa has this animation as well. these images will help scientists understand the evolution of the planet and could help the u.s. plan a mission to mars, which is something else that nasa is saying it's absolutely committed to still. this here is the plan for the next mars rover, the curiosity.
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that's supposed to head to mars in november. it would land in august 2012. nasa says it is going to stay in the lead unmanned space flight. here's what administrator charles boldin said the other day. >> so when i hear people say or listen to the media reports that the final shuttle flight marks the end of u.s. human space flight, i have to tell you, you all must be living on another planet. >> living on another planet, he said. he said nasa wants u.s. astronauts to travel on private space missions a tharnds' working on new vehicles to bring people to space. i'm going to show you one of those new vehicles in the 10:00 a.m. hour. >> we want to get this right. exploration is far from over. if we're talking about mars it's far from over. then you think about the money and the budget that nasa has. >> this is why a lot of people are weary of the claims the u.s. will stay at the forefront. we have to see how the next budget is going to shake out.
8:14 am
the budget for next fiscal year still doesn't exist in any kind of final form. nasa has had a budget of $19 billion this year. it's almost definitely going to get slashed to some extent. every proposal slashes it to some extent. they wait to see what nasa has to sacrifice. a lot more details on the web, i have it on facebook and twitter i'm @joshlevscnn. we're talking about this debate should the u.s. be in the forefront, how legitimate of values financially working out the budget. >> when you think about people who may not have jobs and a trip to mars, you see why they cut the budget there. >> you have to cut somewhere. good to see you, thanks. how about this, after five days at sea adrift, the u.s. coast guard pulls a fishermen out of the water. it is next as we go cross country. or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel?
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checking stories making headlines across country. the u.s. coast guard rescues two fishermen who were adrift for five days in the pacific ocean. their boat lost power on monday. one of the men texted a relative who then called authorities. both fishermen are said to be okay. another rescue captured on tape this time in california. two hikers were pulled from the tahoe national forest yesterday. one of them, the rescued man, caught this footage of the rescue with a chest mounted camera. pretty neat.
8:17 am
they posted the video on-line in support of rescue workers to say it works when they're considering cutting costs. the mayor of a small wisconsin town fighting to keep his job after his arrest earlier this month on a drunk driving charge. the state patrol released the dash cam video of robert harvick's traffic stop on july 2nd. take a listen. >> field sobriety. >> no, no. >> can i have your gun? >> no, you can't have that. >> he's saying, can i hold your gun. police are saying that's not going to happen. he was three times over the legal limit and he's refusing to call to resign from several members of his city council. he's not resigning. not a good thing. we turn now to reynolds wolf to check out the severe weather. >> he asked to hold his gun. >> not a good thing. >> when he runs for re-election,
8:18 am
all his opponent has to do is say, take a look at this. you know. >> he might as well resign. he's got to. i don't know. >> crazy times. we have crazy weather to share with you. this morning it's been a rude awakening for some people in the upper midwest, namely minneapolis-st. paul. we see some rainfall along the eastern seaboard but if you make your way towards the upper midwest, see how simple it goes. just pretend we're over minneapolis. if we happen to be so at this point you would know it. we had some rain moving right through later this afternoon. we might get a few more rain drops and perhaps thunderstorms that may develop into the afternoon. here's the reason why. we've got this frontal boundary that's going to be drifting off to the east. it's going to interact with a couple things. one a little bit of moisture at the surface, the high humidity that continues to stream not only from the great lakes but the gulf of mexico back with your daytime heating will make for an unstable air mass. anyone who happens to be going into minneapolis-st. paul you might have a few bumps, and then, of course, the chance of the thunderstorms. that chance is going to exist down into parts of the central
8:19 am
plains, perhaps even into portions of the front range of rockies. in texas, story is not rain but rather dry heat. plenty of it. at least for west texas. when you get to central and south texas, more humidity in places like houston where it's going to be just oppressive. chance of scattered showers and storms in parts of the southeast. that might help cool you down and you will need it in a place like atlanta where the high is 92. 92 your high will be in washington, d.c., 87 in new york, 84 in boston, 88 in chicago, 94 in memphis, 102 dallas, 103 el paso, 66 san francisco and portland and seattle in through the upper and mid 70s. that is a look at your forecast. let's pitch it back to you. >> los angeles is always looking ideal in the 70s. >> always. >> san diego usually a little better too. >> they have the surf. >> indeed. >> thanks. remember the movie "independence day." here is a scene that's a bit reminiscent of that. this is in arizona. it's in not special effects. it happened, a dust cloud, a massive one. what many folks in arizona saw
8:20 am
on tuesday, july 5th is this, the day after our independence day celebration. here's another look at it through the phoenix area. this is a monsoon storm that kicks up desert dust but rarely this size, rarely this big. some reports had this dust cloud 60 miles wide. it should down the airport for a while. knocked out power to thousands of people. 60 miles. huge. this week, facebook launched a new way to video chat with your friend. how does it compare to the new service google developing. we'll compare the two for you. seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster.
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your face may be coming to facebook. we were a he -- we're talking about video chatting. those behind facebook say this will let you connect with your friends face to face. mario armstrong is here to show us how it works. mario, it sounds a lot like skype, is that true? is it like that or different? >> yeah. great point. you know, here's the deal. it is exactly like skype if you're used to using skype, you will be used to using facebook's video chat as well because essentially it's skype, it's skype's engine. skype has partnered with facebook to make this new
8:24 am
feature happen. >> so, is this in response to what google was doing, mark zuckerberg from facebook wanted to get in on this and how does it literally work? you're on facebook and they see you or you have to want them to see you? >> okay. yeah. two things there. number one, i don't think this was in response to google plus who's created hangouts which has a video chat feature. here's how they kind of compare. facebook and google both will let you chat with people within one or two clicks. it's really easy to do. if you're on facebook you basically pull up your chat list of friends and you'll see a little green icon whether or not they are on-line and then when you start -- when you initiate that you can click the video icon to start a video with them. here's the thing, though, that really kind of separates the two of them. with facebook you can only do one to one. it's really a video call. i can call you or you call me. if you wanted to have a group chat you can use that in google where you can have up to almost ten different people all on the screen at the same time having a
8:25 am
video call. >> you have to agree to this. what i pictured was kind of a face coming up saying hello, talk to me, hello. so you have to agree to this conversation, right? >> that's a great point. but here's a funny thing about that. a lot of people do what i'm showing you here now. they actually will put on top of their web cam a piece of tape because some people are just -- some people are just worried that, you know, will the camera be initiated by accident, could i accidentally accept the call when i'm in my pjs or less. >> if you see a piece of tape on someone's laptop you know they're hiding something, right? >> right. or they just don't really trust the system. but i do think this is a good thing. people want to communicate more. video is big. and we see long distance relationships, even small businesses are starting to benefit from this type of technology. i do think this is go going to be a benefit no matter which service. >> is there a price to this? >> no. no cost. no cost to use this, at least not now in this way.
8:26 am
there have been no fees associated with either of these two features. i don't really suspect that there will be. >> mario, appreciate it. >> the key question will be though, the key question is whether it will happen on our phones next. >> you will see people with tape on their phones walking around. mario, thank you. join us every saturday at this time, our digital lifestyle expert mario, there he is, gives us the scoop on the latest technology. he built a media empire on great britain and the u.s., but one of his publications will shut down completely tomorrow. coming up next, will rupert murdoch's legacy be tarnished by the cell phone hacking scandal surrounding "news of the world."
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29 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i'm susan hendricks in for t.j. holmes. thanks for starting your day with us. former first lady betty ford, widow of late president gerald ford, died last night. beyond her public battle with breast cancer her lasting legacy may be the treatment abuse center that bears her name. in africa congo state news agency reporting the deaths of at least 90 people after a passenger jet crashed yesterday at an airport in the northeastern part of the country. the plane was trying to land in bad weather when it hit an obstacle on the ground. in los angeles, it is day two of the duke and duchess of cambridge in tinseltown. plenty of hand shaking and sight seeing for the recently married royal couple.
8:30 am
today prince william is set to play in a charity polo match while kate watches from the stands. more arrests in a tabloid phone hacking scandal in britain. andy coulson, former aide to prime minister david cameron, turned himself in. he was released. he wias editor of "news of the world" at the time of the scandal. the paper's former royal correspondent was arrested last night. employees of the tabloid are accused of hacking into people's voicemail accounts and bribing cops for scoops. this week, owner rupert murdoch shut down the paper. "news of the world" has reported on some of the biggest scandals in the united kingdom for more than 150 years. but the british tabloid is shutting down after that investigation involving allegations of phone hacking, also bribing police as i said. last hour i spoke with william shawcross, author of "murdoch, the making of a media empire." take a listen. >> how much do you think or do you know that he knew about these methods that were being used? >> he cannot have known because
8:31 am
he would have stopped them long ago. they're an absolutely appalling abuse of journalistic procedure. unforgivable to tap the phone of a murdered school girl or phone of relatives of troops killed in iraq or afghanistan and murdoch would not have tolerated it. >> when you think about -- i'm sorry about that. when you think about what one done and the depesble things that were done, do you think he made the right call of canceling it, it's done? >> it's a difficult call because as you said it's an old, historic paper, that has a great history, but has committed abuses in the past like all tabloids do, but also exposed a lot of fraud and misdeeds, most recently exposed corruption in the pakistani cricket team which was an important story. it's very sad and it's sad for the 200 people who work there, frightful for them. many of them will be given jobs
8:32 am
in other news of murdoch's papers in london. he probably will create a new sunday paper called "the sun on sunday" to go along with his daily paper "the sun" which is another tabloid in britain. >> mr. shawcross, some were wondering, i was reading a lot of articles on this, if rupert murdoch was at all responsible, maybe in a trickled down effect, of kind of creating an atmosphere where people will be willing to do anything to get that story. who creates that atmosphere there? >> i think all newspapers in britain and in america, too, now are in a terrible situation of internet is crowding in on them so much, they're losing readers all the time, and it's becoming much more competitive and certainly methods used by reporters have become more unscrupulous. "news of the world" appears to be the worst offender but there are other newspapers also in tabloids in britain which have behaved badly and which will be exposed soon i think. as for murdoch's own position,
8:33 am
he's always accused of that by his enemies and he has a lot of enemies, both political and commercial, and they are making hay out of this scandal as you can imagine in britain, led by the bbc which hates him because he is a rather conservative publisher and the bbc sort of liberal, left wing, conventional wisdom of our time. murdoch is being really kicked incredibly hard in britain at the moment. he's i think a brilliant publisher also and he, without murdoch and his war against the print union in the 1980s, there would probably be no british newspapers because until he won that war against the print unions, papers were losing money hand over fist. >> by the way, "news of the world" is publishing its last edition tomorrow. remember this? we were fascinated at the casesy looking hats guests wore at william and catherine's wedding in april. now the couple is spurring los angeles.
8:34 am
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announcer: when life's this hard, it's no wonder 7,000 students drop out every school day. visit and help kids in your community stay in school. treacy. the couple of the moment have come to america. in california, the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and catherine, arriving in l.a. yesterday. nadia bilchik is joining me this morning on our passport. great to see you. the media cannot get enough of the royal couple. >> they cannot get enough. they are so beautiful. think about everything she wears is documented. from her hats to her dresses to
8:36 am
even what she wore getting off the plane, that gray dress, beautifully done, very slim like, very simple. she's got simple, clean kind of tastes. it was fascinating. if you think they're in l.a. to promote british and their foundation, they have done so well for british business already. yesterday, i spoke to vivienne sheriff and she is one of the hat designers, the hat designer for women, to kate middleton and here's what she had to say about what kate middleton has already done for her hat business. >> we are in the middle of the countryside on converted farm buildings in the middle of nowhere and our business has just turned itself around. i mean we were incredibly busy before, but we are so busy now. it's hilarious. we have people coming to us from all over the world. they come to this corner of will shire to our studio and they like the fact we're so remote and we aren't in london and we
8:37 am
export to -- we export all over the world so we have customers coming to buy from us here which is very exciting. i was looking at "vogue" which came out yesterday, you know, there are hats everywhere. hats little pillboxes and little shapes, i have to say before they were in the magazines they were on kate's head which is great, isn't it? >> isn't that amazing. she had this tiny little business and it's suddenly flourishing because of the hat that the duchess of came written, kate middleton, is wearing. >> that blue dress she wore in her engagement picture, it sold out. you can't get it anywhere. i can imagine if she wears something people want to copy kate. >> they want to copy kate. it's interesting, this afternoon at the polo match, we will be watching to see if she wears a hat and i want to show you some of the designs that vivian sheriff has had that she thinks kate may be wearing to the event. you see her there in her little red beret type hat.
8:38 am
she wears them so well. that's one of the things vivian said. >> i was thinking that. she definitely wears it well. many of us couldn't. you could. >> think how good hats are, it's windy, they keep the hair very much in place. one of the things i was fascinated by and t.j. and i have discussed this, how do these hats stay in place? that was one of the things i asked vivian sheriff. here's what she has to say about keeping the hats in place. >> a lot of these pieces are held on with bands and a comb. we call them alice bands. you call them hair bands. it's hidden in the hair and on the bottom of the head piece or fascinator is a comb which fits securely into your hair. >> let's see what kate middleton wears to polo this afternoon. >> can't wait. so basically bobby pins are stuck in the head. much fancier bobby pins. >> it's such a procedure but
8:39 am
keeps the hair in place. >> can't wait to see what she wears today. >> i want to see you in something other than a baseball hat. >> i would be kicked out of the royal wedding or polo match. the unemployment report is giving republican candidates ammunition against the president. we'll take a look.
8:40 am
to politics now. the issue capturing the most attention on the campaign trail. in a job, in a word is jobs. there it is. jim acosta has more on how the jobs numbers are being seen and used by the republican presidential candidates. >> reporter: susan, based on this jobs report republicans are
8:41 am
feeling a bit more optimistic about sending president obama to the unemployment line. >> two, one. >> reporter: reactions from the gop field to the june jobs report, shot up like a space shuttle. >> clearly the president's policies haven't worked. it's a failure. and i wish it was otherwise, but it has not worked. >> reporter: republican frontrunner mitt romney released a video seizing on comments made by one of president obama's political advisors, david plouffe. in a statement romney said if david plouffe were working for me i would fire him and he could experience firsthand the pain of unemployment. >> the republicans are engaged in a primary campaign trying to get the media attention. >> reporter: sensing the opening just handed to republicans, the white house still defended plouffe's comments. >> i don't know where the voters, if some other folks might be talking to or -- but most people do not sit around their kitchen table and analyze gdp and unemployment numbers.
8:42 am
>> reporter: history has shown as the jobless rate ticks up, chances for re-election go down. >> we've had four times in the last 35 years when a president has run for re-election with unemployment above 7%, three out of four times that president went down. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? >> reporter: in 1980, ronald reagan framed the choice in pocketbook terms. no president since reagan has won re-election with an unemployment rate higher than 6%. reagan did get a second term in 1984 when the rate was 7.2%, but democrats point out unemployment was already at 7.6% when president obama took office. even then, he was feeling the pressure. >> if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition. >> reporter: which means the president will have to fight harder in battle grounds like nevada, florida, michigan and north carolina where the jobless rate is higher than the national average. and where outside political groups are already sharpening their message.
8:43 am
>> i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully, but since then, things have gone from bad to much worse. >> there's been a deteriorating sense about obama, you know, what's the plan b here and we don't see one, but there's not yet a confidence level in the republican alternative. >> the man who like to see that alternative mitt romney is turning the white house from "the audacity of hope" into the audacity of difference. they have to believe romney, to borrow the phrase from another president, can feel their pain. susan? >> swim acosta, thank you. getting to be crunch time in negotiations to raise the nation's debt ceiling. president obama meets again tomorrow with congressional leaders at the white house. live shot for you there in d.c. republican leaders say friday's poor job report supports their argument, tax hikes can't be part of the deal. democrats and republicans are trying to reach a deal.
8:44 am
look the central plains run the risk of severe weather today. the details from meteorologist reynolds wolf in the weather center. >> you're right. upper midwest, namely places like minneapolis-st. paul, they have had rainfall this morning. one band of showers came through. a rumble of thunder. you might see more into the afternoon and earlier we showed you the shot of d.c. well, in washington, d.c., you may have thunderstorms by afternoon also. let's go right to the big map and show you the big story as to why we're going to see the rainfall. well, one of the biggest reasons for much of the eastern seaboard this frontal boundary, the area of low pressure and long boundary that extends into the southeast and central plains moving east and another one that's moving in the upper states through parts of minnesota. that's going to bring another shot of rainfall and possible thunderstorms, especially into the mid to late afternoon as the atmosphere begins to destabilize. in terms of temperatures, you got some extreme ones for you. the heat wave continues for the desert southwest, into texas. 103 in el paso, 102 dallas, 49
8:45 am
houston. new orleans, has a reputation of being a muggy spot this time of year, today going to live up to that reputation of 93 degrees. maybe a thunder boomer that might cool you down into the afternoon. memphis, 94 degrees. 88 in chicago. 85 in minneapolis. back down to billings, 86. when you get back towards the pacific coast, it's a little bit cooler, 74 in seattle, 79 in portland and 66 in san francisco. l.a. with 71. and then, of course, back in albuquerque 96 and as we head towards boston, 84, farther south in tampa and miami into the 80s and 90s. that is your forecast. let's send it back to you. >> thank you. take it any day over the winter, the warm temps. bench clearing brawl at a red sox game, you got to see it. they miss almost every punch. >> a bear pops up at the u.s. women's open. it's all coming up in sports next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
hln sports anchor ray d'alessio is joining me with news in sports. bench clearing but no one really hits. it may be a talent of dodging the punches, right? >> this is why i hate fights in baseball, because nine times out of ten, these guys charge one another, they throw punches. >> and they yell really close. >> close to each other, push, shove, wrestle, nothing ever connects. case in point last flight, red sox and orioles. david ortiz and pitcher kevin
8:49 am
greg. they start jawing. punches are thrown. they're hesitant. ortiz tries, using the upper cut, misses like you said, the benches clear, lots of chaos. here we go again. pushing. i think he intentionally missed on purpose. obviously if you don't connect, the fines and suspensions are less. >> and come on, thick of the price of their throwing arm. >> that too. >> nowadays, they're worried about injuries. the pitcher got ejected prior to the fight, right before the fight, he got ejected to it. rest assured, i'm sure major league baseball will have something to say about these two guys. >> i think they're hugging in the one shot or just really close. >> again, i've only seen a few good fights in major league baseball, at least in football when the guys go at it, they start slapping each other in the helmet and pushing each other. >> i like the baseball kind better. this close. story of a different kind of a home run. what happened? >> this is a human home run if you can believe this. this is a gentleman known as --
8:50 am
what's his name? david "cannonball" smith. mind you, susan, david is no spring chicken. this man is 69 years old. here he is launching himself out of a cannon at a recent minor league baseball game over the outfield wall into the net. talk about enthusiastic. high fiving everybody. this was the second time he has attempted this stunt and evidently he succeeded as we saw. he estimates that he probably launched himself about 150 feet. >> good for him. he's checking off the bucket list. that's done twice. look at that. >> a lot of other things -- >> a lot of courage. >> you could do in your time than launching yourself over an outfield wall. >> wild and golf tournament. >> this is the second time they had a bear sight at the golf course out in colorado springs. the first time was a couple years ago back in 2008 at the men's u.s. senior open. this was yesterday at the women's u.s. open.
8:51 am
a bear got on the course at the ninth hole. they tried to chase him away. he ran up a tree and really, look. taking a nap. he really wasn't dangering interesting. >> he's being quiet, not talking during play. people have their signs up there. he kind of -- maybe he wanted to get a better view, didn't like the view he was at? golf clap. >> a little bear paw golf clap. >> that's all we got. >> ray, good to see you. >> okay. you know, weekends are a great time to catch a movie if you're not watching golf. when enough of us buy tickets actors and actresses get paid. forbes has released its list. julia roberts fifth, earn $20 million between 2010 and 2011. here recent release "larry crown" didn't do that well getting off to a slow start at the box office, reese witherspoon is one step higher $28 million, she tied with
8:52 am
jennifer anniston who made $28 million. there's another tie at the top of the forbes list. which actresses got paid the most, may surprise you, right after this. budget? yes. our "name your price" tool shows you a range of options. you pick a price that works for you. perfect. only one thing could make this better. both: '80s montage! ♪ progressive '80s montage ♪ he drops some boxes, but it's okay ♪ ♪ we keep dancing ♪ hey! it's that guy! ♪ progressive "name your price" tool, yeah! ♪ helping you save. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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8:55 am
welcome back. here it is, forbes has released its list of the highest paid actresses for the past year. two big names are tied. perfume saleswoman and "sex in the city" star jessica parker pulled in $30 million, joined at the top of the list by actress, writer and director angelina jolie her film "the tourist" didn't do too well in the u.s. but made millions around the world. the government's latest jobs numbers are out and they fell well short of expectations. only 18,000 jobs were added. experts thought it would be around 80,000. take a look at this chart, the nation had several months in a row of encouraging job numbers while the 18,000 for june is not an increase, it's not enough to keep up with losses. the unemployment rate actually rose from 9.1% to 9.2%. here is president obama on that. >> with a recovery that's still fragile and isn't producing all the jobs we need, the last thing we can afford is the usual
8:56 am
partisan game playing in washington. by getting our fiscal house in order congress will be in a stronger position to focus on some of the job creating measures i've already proposed, like putting people to work rebuilding america's infrastructure or reforming our patent system so our innovators and entrepreneurs have incentive to generate new products or making college more affordable for families and businesses that may be holding back because of the uncertainty surrounding a possibility of a default by the united states government will have greater confidence to invest and create jobs. >> republicans have maintained there can be no increase in the national debt limit unless it's accompanied by serious spending cuts and reforms. to be truly serious, these cuts should exceed the amount by which president obama wants the debt limit increased. and there can be no job crushing tax hikes on families and small businesses. >> as you know, jobs, the economy and the country's debt ceiling are the top issues facing washington right now in congress and on the campaign
8:57 am
trail as well. let's go inside the numbers a little more. this is interesting. here is how it breaks down by gender. men are right now about the average while unemployment for women is at about 8%. and here's how the unemployment rate breaks down by race. the rate for whites went up 8.1%. african-american unemployment is the highest, but it did not change last month. your bottom line is coming up at 9:30. here is christine romans with a look at what you can expect. >> hi, susan. coming up on "your bottom line," first the heat session now the heat recovery. men may have been hit by the hardest by the recession but they're making up. a new gender gap in the race for jobs. investing in schools in this new era of massive government cuts. sky high college tuition, teacher cheating scandals, bigger class sizes, we're falling behind the rest of the world. john legend, he calls education reform the civil rights issue of our time. why he says education reform is needed right now. then, we love our bosses, don't
8:58 am
we? at least that's what we're supposed to say, right? if your boss is horrible we're going to tell you how to cope in the office. that's coming up at 9:30 a.m. eastern. >> we love our bosses, i second that. thank you. in business news, companies will release their latest earnings reports next week. poppy harlow tells us about that. alison kosik has the details on the latest job numbers. >> hi, susan. the june jobs report stunned wall street this past week. a mere 18,000 jobs were created last month. wall street expected up to 125,000. the report was filled with other negative signs. the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. average hourly earnings dropped and so did arch work week which means people with jobs are working fewer hours and making less money. breaking unemployment down by race, african-americans are having the hardest time with a 16% jobless rate. the rate for hispanics is in the double digits as well. poppy? thanks so much, alison.
8:59 am
second quarter earnings season kicks off next week with alcoa, jp morgan, citi, chase and google reporting numbers. nearly 70% of the companies in s&p 500 posted earnings that beat estimates. the big question really is when are these companies going to use some of the cash to hire more workers. for the economic calendar, we'll get the minutes from the feds last meeting, policy viewers downgraded their view of the economy at that meeting and this will give us more insight as to why. reports on inflation, retail sales and jobs are do you oue o. we'll follow it all on cnn money. back to you. thank you. good morning to you, saturday morning, i'm susan hendricks in for t.j. holmes. betty ford has died. we start with this. she is being remembered for speaking out about her own problems and for changing the role of first lady. also, britain's largest circulation newspaper is about

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